Co-operation CatchBio and Dutch Biorefinery Cluster

Publicatiedatum: 30 mei 2012

CatchBio and the Dutch Biorefinery Cluster (DBC) have reached a co-operation agreement. To start with, DBC member Cosun will supply molasses and thick juice as raw material for University of Utrecht research into biobased chemicals. In due time, the use of other remaining flows from for instance the paper industry can be investigated.

The agreement has meaning as a frail but important bridge between biomass producing industries and the chemical industry. Bridging the gap between both sectors is vital for the transition to a biobased economy.

Towards an integrated biobased supply chain

“The present position for building the biobased economy is good. All sectors are moving and all parties are aware of their possible role and their potential gain”, says Annita Westenbroek, director of the Dutch Refinery Cluster (DBC). “The most important factor is now to optimally connect suppliers of biomass to demand by the chemical industry to form an integrated biobased supply chain.”
"It is vital", she adds, "that the chemical industry realizes that biomass streams can be adjusted in order to fit better into their chemical processes and thus create higher added value to both parties. It is about really connecting supply and demand.”

Discover the opportunities together

Gerald van Engelen, Manager Biobased Products at Cosun: “Our present turnover is 1.8 billion Euros. I would describe the business potential for biobased products as a very substantial addition to this figure.” And what's more: "The remaining streams are not the only option for consideration”, Van Engelen says. “The use of the thick juice we produce at the beginning of our process might also be interesting. This would perhaps demand more complex processing, but also use of a lower cost stream. We have to discover the opportunities together.”

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